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  • HackeD By TeaM_CC :: 0x0 WAS HERE

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    Hacked By TeaM_CC :: 0x0 WAS HERE

    Your Security breached ….
    No security is perfect

  • KM Tools

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    Ipcube – interesting Indian product with PKM, collaboration and DM components even includes Ipod syncs

    AKT-technologies: A list of knowledge tools to ease the bottlenecks of Acquiring Knowledge, Modelling Knowledge, Reusing Knowledge, Retrieving Knowledge, Publishing Knowledge, and Maintaining Knowledge. Note that these tools are results of research project in the domain of knowledge engineering; however I do see several overlap with knowledge management.

    KnowIt – From TraverseIT. A comprehensive Command, Control, and Communications Platform that allows enterprises to easily see and manage their data, organizations, and stakeholders, naturally, from one location, regardless of their geographic location.

    WikiMatrix – a tool for comparing wiki features

    Unyte – collaboration tool

    Gliffy – a free visual collaborative tool

    Inkscape – open space vector drawing tool – visual collaboration